Three reasons why you should trust the doctor

Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. But sadly, these opinions are often based on rumors that we have heard or TV programs that we have watched. Not many people have read his biography.

Luke was a doctor and a historian whose life work was to gather, examine and record the evidence for Jesus so that we can have an accurate picture of who he really is.

His book is one of the four gospels in the Bible which only takes 2 hours to read. Have you read it all the way through before? Here are 3 reasons why you should read Luke’s biography.

Reason 1: Eyewitness.

Luke claims that all the material that he put in his book came directly from eyewitnesses, that is, people who actually saw what happened. Luke presents his book not as a story, but as history. He claims to have extensive contact with the eyewitnesses.

You see, Luke was not jewish, but he clearly knew all about the culture and the land of Israel. It’s hard to believe that Luke could get all the local knowledge that he did unless he spent a lot of time talking to the locals, hearing their accounts of what happened and recording them for us. Luke’s book is based on eyewitness evidence.

Reason 2: Investigate.

Luke wasn’t an idiot. He didn’t just believe everything that he heard. He claims to have carefully and thoroughly investigated everything that he heard so that he could make sure that what he wrote was true.

You may have come to think of the story of Jesus as a fairytale, but the man who wrote this book was convinced that Jesus was as real as it gets. Millions since have believed what Luke wrote about Jesus. How about you?

It’s lunacy to have a settled opinion about who Jesus is without having read this book. However strange and dated the bible may seem to some today, Luke did his homework for our benefit.

But how do we know that the book hasn’t changed over time? We know this because this book became popular very early on. By the year 225 it had become so popular that it was bound together with the other 3 records of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. What we have in today’s bibles is essentially the same as what they had back then.

Reason 3: Certainty.

Luke presents to us a Jesus who wasn’t just an ordinary man. Jesus insisted that he was the Son of God. He hung out with both the rich and the homeless, he made blind people see, and without committing a single crime, hundreds of people insisted that he be crucified.

The events that Luke records may seem to be unbelievable.  But that is why you should read Luke’s book. He has written this book so that you can be certain about who Jesus really is. So why not read it and ask, “what do I make of Jesus?” The danger is that we write off the evidence because we presume certain things just aren’t possible.

Finally, Luke doesn’t want you to switch off your brain. He wants you to consider the evidence and make your mind up about a person. Who was he? What was his mission? Why has he influenced so many people’s lives over the past 2000 years?

If you would like a free copy of Luke’s gospel to read for yourself, we are happy to give one to you. Just get in touch.


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